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Year 1

In Year 1 of Pre-Prep, children cover a wide and fulfilling range of subjects to further their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development.

English – Speaking and Listening
As well as participating in role play and drama, children will continue to develop their listening and speaking skills and gain the confidence to ask and respond to questions.

English – Reading
In Year 1, building confidence in reading continues by developing skills individually, in a group and as a class.

English – Writing
Children explore simple punctuation and sentence construction, develop spelling strategies and plan written work. They’re also encouraged to record personal experiences and write simple rhyming poetry.

Time, weights and capacity is explored along with mental addition and subtraction, as well as learning to organise and collect data.

The scientific world is brought to life as Year 1 pupils study light, sound, materials, the environment, ourselves and animals.

Geography and History
Covering a whole myriad of topics, Geography explores the weather and seasonal changes, the seaside and even traffic safety. And History introduces famous people and events throughout the ages and explores life as a Victorian child.

Religious Education
In line with the School’s Christian values, children explore Christian beliefs as well as those of other cultures and faiths.

Year 1 pupils are introduced to famous artists and explore different textures, techniques and media, whilst developing observational and motor skills.

Physical Education
Children enjoy a wide range of physical activities in Year 1 including swimming, dance, gymnastics, games and athletics, as well as learning raquet skills.

Design Technology
Design Technology focuses on developing new skills, appropriate thinking and planning strategies, whilst utilising a range of tools.

Information and Communication Technology
Children will learn about the important role Information Communication Technology plays in the world today and utilise a variety of programmes to support general academic work.

Music is explored by listening to different styles and children begin to develop rhythm through singing and the use of instruments.

Personal, Social and Health Education
Children’s personal, emotional and physical development continues with learning the importance of friendship and respecting others, as well as safety and healthy living.

In Year 1, children will receive homework to reinforce classroom activities. This could include reading, preparation for spelling tests, researching and exploring topics and bringing in artefacts.