Biathle and Biathlon are two of the fastest-growing new sports we offer at the school open to boys and girls. Biathle is a continuous run-swim-run competition open to competitors of all ages from seven to seventy! The competition consists of a pack start followed by a run, a swim before a final run to the finish line. Biathlon is slightly different in that the run and swim are completed separately, i.e. it is not a continuous run/swim. Distances vary depending on age with U9 run 400m and swim 25m and U10, U11, U12 running 800m and swim 50m. The U13, U14 run 1,600m and swim 100m.

Pupils compete at events locally and regionally with some of the pupils qualifying for the annual national finals. Pupils can swim train every evening after school and attend the weekly cross country club. The Saturday morning Biathlon enrichment club is a popular option for pupils in Years 3-8.

New from January 2020 is the Pistol Shooting Club and the Laser Run Club. Both of these clubs will allow pupils to compete in local, regional and national competitions. It will also provide another stepping stone for our pupils who may look to compete in the Olympic sport of Modern Pentathlon – shooting, fencing, swimming, horse riding and running.