Swimming is a key sport/activity for all of the boys and girls at Taunton. Every pupil swims for at least two activity blocks in their PE lessons. We are very fortunate in having two indoor swimming pools where both boys and girls are coached in swimming as part of the curriculum all year round. Both of these pools are heated with the Prep School pool being 25m x 10m and the Keeling Pool being 10m wide with a depth ranging from 0.9m to 2.2m.

All swimmers can enjoy swimming two evenings a week and able swimmers have additional access to the pool four mornings a week before school and during two lunchtimes. Pupils swim within groups, of which there are three, to bridge the gap between the school and club swimmers. One of these groups is an invitational long distance training group. Recent successes of Taunton School Long Distance Swimming Club have included a record breaking crossing of The Solent, participation in the St. Michael’s Mount circumnavigation and a race against The Royal Marines across the English Channel. Any long distance swimming compliments the swimming pupils do as part of their curriculum and with the schools swimming clubs and additional training can occur on Sundays (weather dependant) and during the summer.

There is also a school team swim on a Monday after school and a development swim Thursday after school. The school also has a strong link with Taunton Deanne swim club, who use our facilities, and provide more opportunities for our elite swimmers.

For competitive swimmers swim galas take place over the year with other Independent schools. This culminates in the ‘Four Schools’ event against the other schools in Taunton. Taunton have retained this cup for the last 3 years. We also enter IAPS and County competitions and each year we would expect to get at least one age group to the national swim finals.