The Preparatory years at Taunton School focus on developing knowledgeable, forward thinking communicators with a passion for learning that continues throughout their educational journey.

Our balanced curriculum covers the core subjects, which are English, Mathematics, The Sciences and Modern Foreign Language (French, German and Spanish). Plus, additional subjects, including History, Geography, RE, Creative and Performing Arts, as well as Physical Development, Teamwork, Leadership and Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

As an integral part of the curriculum, Personal, Social and Health Education covers many areas including friendship, healthy living, citizenship, safety and both the emotional and physical sides of personal development. From sex education and understanding the physical changes of the body, to drugs education (as part of the RIDE programme) which covers many issues including peer pressure and self esteem.

Prep children are continually assessed and receive feedback throughout the year. By setting goals and targets based on their grades, our children are encouraged to fulfil their potential, whilst enjoying a real sense of achievement.