Assessments should not drive a curriculum. Rather they should be used carefully and sparingly to check progress and inform future teaching and learning. At TPS the child is central to teaching, the curriculum builds around them and assessments simply feed in to the knowledge teachers have about individuals. Short tests for spellings or multiplication tables will take place in class in the earlier year groups but these are very low key. From Year 3 onwards children sit end of unit tests. In Maths, English and Science, pupils take standardised tests from year 3.

In Year 7 & 8 children will sit examinations. As part of the PSB children at TPS do an independent research project and will receive a PSB Certificate at the end of the year with a comprehensive set of grades. The PSB grades are accepted widely an accurate representation of a child’s attainment in all subjects as well as the performance character skills.

Half termly reports give details of achievement and attitudes to learning while and an extensive written report details progress at the end of the school year. Formal opportunities are also built in to the year for parents to meet with teachers. For children up to Year 4 these take place in their classroom and for those from Year 5 upwards in the school hall. Appointments are booked through an online electronic booking system which operates in real time and are then emailed automatically to parents. Parents are also always welcome to contact Form Teachers or Subject Teachers at any point during the term if they have a query about progress in learning.


Challenging every child to achieve their very best in every subject is the expectation at TPS. Standards in all subjects are excellent with some children working well in advance of national expectations.

All academic performance and results are discussed at Parents’ Evenings and in child led consultations. Results from preceding school years can also be requested from subject and class teachers, the Head of Department, Director of Studies or the Head of Pre-Prep.