We start the school day with registration at 8.20am, followed by Period 1 from 8.30am-9.05am, Period 2 from 9:05am–9:40am, Period 3 from 9:40am–10:15am and Period 4 from 10:15am–10:50am. Morning break allows pupils a little down time until 11.25am.

Then it’s back to the books with Period 5 from 11:25am–12:00pm and Period 6 from 12:00pm–12:35pm. Lunch break from 12.35pm-1.35pm gives pupils the chance to refuel and relax.

Registration at 1:35pm marks the start of the afternoon, followed by Community Time from 1.45pm-2.05pm. During this period, pupils attend assemblies on Mondays, tutor time on Tuesdays, fixtures on Wednesdays, hymn practice on Thursdays and Chapel on Fridays.

Pupils head back to the classroom for Period 7 from 2:05pm–2:40pm, Period 8 from 2:40pm–3:15pm and Period 9 from 3:15pm–3:50pm. Registration at 3:50pm–4:00pm marks the end of the school day.

There’s time for another quick break from 4pm-4.15pm/4.25pm before after school activities begin with clubs at 4.15pm-5.15pm. 1st prep is from 4.30pm–5.15pm and 2nd prep is from 5:15pm–5:45pm. The day concludes with buses departing at 5.30pm.

Saturdays begin with registration at 8.20am, followed by Periods 1-4 from 8.30am-10.50am. A short morning break until 11.10am ensures pupils are re-energised for the remaining lessons. These begin with Period 5 from 11.10am-11.45am and Period 6, focusing on Enrichment, from 11.45am-12.20pm. The school day ends at 12.20pm.

Most pupils participate in matches on Saturday afternoons and parents are invited along to watch and enjoy tea afterwards.