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Saturday Enrichment

Our vision is to challenge, nurture and inspire and we are delighted to be able to invite children from all schools in the area (Years 3 to 6), to take part in this unique and exciting new programme of enrichment activities held on Saturday mornings at Taunton School. 

The Programmes

Design and Technology 
Available to Years 5 & 6

An ambitious, exciting and fun programme of creativity and development of skills, making full use of our extremely well-equipped Design and Technology facilities. A wide range of activities including: technology, challenges, modelling, computer aided drawing and manufacturing in a range of materials including wood, plastics, textiles and multimedia. Cooking in our kitchen is also included. 

Available to Years 5 & 6

Children are given the opportunity to experiment and explore their creativity in our superbly well-resourced art studio. The broad range of projects offered include traditional drawing and painting skills but also having fun printmaking, experimenting, experimenting with textiles and ceramics. Being creative can get messy, so wear old clothes!

Available to Years 3 to 6

Experts say that developing fundamental physical capabilities and movement skills such as balance, co-ordination, agility, strength and speed, tactical awareness and decision making, make the biggest difference to children's sporting performance in the long run. Referred to as 'Long Term Athlete Development', these sessions are designed to give youngsters the best possible chance of going to achieve excellence in individual sports. Half of the session focuses on athletics, development with the other half spent taking part in their chosen sport. 


Table Tennis

Run by an England Coach, our Table Tennis Sport specific sessions offer a fun and unique opportunity to children from years 3-6 to develop their skills in, arguably, the fastest sport in the world. Following the accredited, ‘Butterfly Skills and Award Scheme’, with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards in Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Advanced plus levels, children are taught: strategy, proper play, rules, positioning, stroke techniques and how to win at competition level!

Performing Arts
Available to Years 3 to 6

Open to passionate performers who want to be part of something new and special. Boys and girls on this programme form a strong and friendly group focused on developing their acting and singing skills in order to bring a full production to the stage by the end of the term. Parents and friends are invited to watch the end performance and see them shine. 

Further Information

The four programmes run every Saturday morning during term time from 9am to 12pm and incorporate a break-time with refreshments, at a cost of £100 per term.

The programmes are free to existing Taunton School students. 

To book or for more information email: tpssaturdayenrichment@tauntonschool.co.uk