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Prep Academic

Focusing on the development of each child as an individual underpins everything that we do.

Our teachers enjoy catering for all pupils, ranging from academic high flyers, to those who benefit from a steadier pace. All of our pupils embrace the very high expectations which we maintain in terms of good manners, respect and behaviour in the classroom. 

Our teaching is carefully planned to ensure that our pupils are positively engaged in their own learning, that they remain curious and that they enjoy their lessons. 

The progress of each child is monitored carefully, using nationally benchmarked tests as well as our own internal assessment systems. Concerns are quickly identified and discussed with parents. Evidence from tests show that all of our year groups are exceeding national age-related expectations, in terms of both attainment levels and progress.

The curriculum is both broad and balanced, with an extensive programme of educational trips bringing learning to life. We exploit links between subjects to create a cross-curricular and creative approach which makes the learning more engaging and enjoyable for the pupils. 

All pupils study French throughout their time in the Prep School. In Years 7 and 8, they also study Latin, German and Spanish, enabling them to make informed choices for Year 9. The Year 7 and 8 programme is supported by language teachers from the Senior School to ensure that pupils are well positioned to achieve highly at GCSE. 

Pupils in Years 7 and 8 (not younger) have normal lessons (e.g. Maths, English) on Saturday mornings until 12.35pm, which allows for an increased range of subjects for pupils of this age, without the loss of curriculum time in other areas, and prepares pupils well for life in Year 9.  It is not every Saturday morning and, for example, a typical 10 week Spring term has 6 Saturday mornings of lessons.  We rarely have matches for Prep School pupils on Saturday afternoon, since our matchday in the Prep School is Wednesday.  This means that pupils can rest and enjoy their family and any interests outside of school.


Registration 8.20am marks the beginning of the school day. Followed by Period 1 from 8.35am-8.55am which is Community Time. This period is dedicated to assemblies on Mondays, tutor time Wednesdays, hymn practice on Thursdays and Chapel on Fridays. Period 2 from 9.00am–9:35am, Period 3 from 9:40am–10:15am and Period 4 from 10:20am–10:55am. Pupils then enjoy a quick morning break until 11.20am.

Studying resumes with Period 5 from 11:20am–11:55am and Period 6 from 12:00pm–12:35pm. A well-earned lunch break begins at 12.35pm and ends at 1.35pm.

The afternoon begins with registration at 1:35pm (except on Wednesdays for Year 5 – 8).

Lessons resume with Period 7 from 1:45pm–2:20pm, Period 8 from 2:25pm–3:00pm and Period 9 from 3:05pm–3:40pm. A final registration at 3:40pm–3:50pm concludes the school day.

Pupils enjoy a quick snack and playtime break from 3:50pm-4:00pm/4:15pm, then after school activities begin with clubs at 4:00pm-5:15pm. 1st prep is from 4:15pm–5:15pm and 2nd prep is from 5:15pm–5:45pm. Buses depart at 5:30pm marking the end of the day.

Pupils can either leave school at 3:50pm or stay for prep and activities, leaving at either 5:15pm or 5:45pm.

Saturday School for Year 7 & 8

Saturdays begin with registration at 8.20am, followed by Period 1 which is an enrichment session for all pupils. Periods 2–4 run from 9:00am–10:55am. A short morning break until 11:20am ensures pupils are re-energised for the remaining lessons. These begin with Period 5 from 11:20am -11:55am and Period 6 from 12:00–12.35pm. The school day ends at 12.35pm.

Saturday Enrichment for Years 3 – 6

Our pupils in Years 3–6 have the option to attend our Saturday morning Enrichment. These sessions run from 9.00am until 12:00pm and provide activity-based experiences for the pupils to enjoy. Pupils sign up for a term at no cost and commit to their chosen activity. The variety of activities to choose from gives our pupils the opportunity to really engage in a project, sport or performance. Activities that have recently taken place include Cookery, Biathle, Performing Arts, Design Technology, Art, Cricket, Hockey.