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Taunton Prep School Saturday Enrichment

We run a fun and educational Saturday Enrichment Programme, providing a fantastic opportunity for pupils to develop their learning across a range of creative and practical subjects.

We offer a range of activities for children from Years 3 to Year 6 which are open both to pupils currently studying at Taunton School as well as those from other schools. Sessions take place every Saturday morning over the course of the term from 9am – 12pm (with the exception of exeat weekends and special events taking place).

What subjects are available?

Pupils can sign up to one of the following activities per term:

Cookery Cookery is not only a valuable life skill for any child, but also a lot of fun! Our cookery enrichment sessions teach a variety of useful skills, from basic methods and techniques, to learning how to use key equipment safely. We also aim to inspire and spark the children’s imaginations along the way, introducing them to new flavours and creating yummy treats to share with family and friends. Available for
Years 3 and 4
Performing arts Our performing arts enrichment programme provides an exciting opportunity to create and perform a theatrical performance in just a few weeks with our ‘Page to Stage’ project. Through a series of exciting and creative sessions, pupils will be able to learn and incorporate aspects of music, dance and drama throughout the duration of the course. Available for
Years 3 to 6
Sport Our sports enrichment programme offers a variety of fun activities to support sports skills and ability. Led by our specialist sports staff, children will get to enjoy use of our state-of-the-art sports facilities to help develop their core skills across a range of sports, from athletics to racket sports. Available for
Years 3 to 6
Art We aim to inspire every pupil’s creativity through our art enrichment activities. These sessions are suited to children with a natural talent in the subject who would like to practise and develop more advanced artistic skills through hands-on workshops. Available for
Years 5 and 6
D&T These sessions offer the opportunity for children to get creative while developing their practical skills. Taking place in our D&T workshop, pupils will focus on a key project using a range of equipment, including a kiln for pottery and advanced machine-powered tools. Available for
Years 5 and 6

Watch our TPS Enrichment video:

How much does it cost?

Saturday mornings are free of charge to current pupils at Taunton Prep School. If your child is not a pupil at Taunton Prep School, please complete the form below to enquire about costs and how the join the programme.


Make an enquiry

For further details of our current programme and to find out how to sign your child up, please complete the following form.