Boarding at Taunton School

Boarding is a very popular option at Taunton School and is available from ages 7 – 18.  Our outstanding pastoral care is shared between our teams of dedicated house staff who collectively strive to ensure that every boy and girl have the dedicated support they need to get the very best out of their time at Taunton.

Our six boarding houses in the Prep and Senior School provide a safe and secure homely environment for full, weekly or flexible boarding.  Thone House looks after our Prep School students; Fairwater, Wills East and Wills West houses accommodate our Senior school boys with Weirfield and Woodyer accommodating the Senior school girls.

Our excellent food hall provides a vibrant environment for our boarders to enjoy a wide range of meals together, and our 56 acre campus provides a safe space for  fun activities, clubs and down time take care of evenings and weekends.

Friendships formed in the boarding community really do last a lifetime and no bond is firmer than that shared between those who have enjoyed a magical experience with some great people in a house that they love.