The boarding community lies right at the heart of Taunton School. Homely, cosmopolitan and centrally located, all five boarding houses are a hive of activity and all have their own distinctive identities, legendary characters and colourful histories.  Our five boarding houses provide a safe and secure homely environment for pupils aged 13 to 18 years old either for full, weekly or flexible boarding at Taunton School. The Fairwater, Wills East and Wills West boarding houses accommodate the boys and Weirfield and Woodyer accommodate the girls.

Although each house has its own unique personality, all have similar pastoral structures, a common ethos and modern facilities. With spacious dormitories, recreational areas, lounges and ICT suites at their disposal to aid work, rest and play.  Taunton School boarders love their houses with a passion and enjoy nothing more than passing on stories to the younger generations. Whether it be the Weirfield girls waxing lyrical about famous House Singing victories, the Wills boys joking about the tobacco Baron (Dame Janet Stancomb-Wills) who founded their house or perhaps best of all, the legendary tunnel that Fairwater boys love to boast about, that is said to run from their house to the cricket pavilion on the other side of the school campus. The stories and myths seem to get embellished with each passing year!  The school’s newest House, Woodyer even has its own mascot, ‘Woody’ the bear who seems to pop up all over the world and in some of the most iconic and unlikely locations. Unsurprisingly ‘Fondue Friday’ (of the chocolate variety) held in Woodyer House is a particular favourite and is quickly earning its own place in Taunton School folk lore.

Understandably many of our day pupils are keen not to be left out of the action and have taken the opportunity to board on a flexi or weekly basis, bringing with them their own unique personalities and stories to add to vibrant culture that exists in all of the boarding houses.

A team of house staff, including Housemasters, Housemistresses and House Tutors are always on hand to advise, support and provide exceptional academic and pastoral care to all boarders.
And our excellent food hall provides a vibrant environment for boarders to enjoy a wide range of meals together, plus fun activities, clubs and down time take care of evenings and weekends.

Friendships formed in the boarding community really do last a lifetime and no bond is firmer than that shared between those who have enjoyed a magical experience with some great people in a house that they love.

Activities for our boarders have included this term:
Discos, cinema trips, surfing, paintballing, shopping trips, conservation work, trips to Exeter and Bath, Clothes Show Live, football, basketball and swimming.

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International Boarders’ Term Dates and Travel deadlines

Please download the following document for a detailed list of dates applicable to International Senior School boarders: Taunton Senior School Term Dates Travel Request Deadlines.

To inform the school of your travel plans please fill in the form below but please note the acceptable leaving times outlined in this document.

Travel Dates and Deadlines

In line with both the school’s policies on child protection and also our responsibilities as a visa sponsor we are required to have a record of international boarding students’ travel in advance of each school break.

Please tick the date(s) you would like to confirm travel details for. Please note the deadlines that the travel arrangements need to be sent by. For more information about international travel please contact directly.

Student Details

First Names


Date of Birth


Parent/Guardian completing the form

First Names


Relationship to Pupil

Email address

Leaving the UK

Departure Date

Leaving Time From School

Transfer Arrangements to Airport

Departure Airport UK


Flight Number

Flight Departure Time


Flight Destination

(For Under 16's only) I, the parent/guardian, consent for the pupil outlined in this form to travel unaccompanied.

Return to UK

Date travelling back to school

Departure Airport

Flight Departure Time


Flight Number

Arrival Airport UK

Flight Arrival Time

Transfer details to Taunton (taxi, train etc)

Date and arrival time at School

(For Under 16's only) I, the parent/guardian, consent for the pupil outlined in this form to travel unaccompanied.

Remaining in the UK

Departure Date

Departure time

Transfer Arrangements (train, coach, etc)

Where staying (full address)

Staying with (full name)

Contact details

Return to School Date

Return to School Time

How the pupil will be returning to School

(For Under 16's only) I, the parent/guardian, consent for the pupil outlined in this form to travel unaccompanied.

*We understand that in some instances boarders may need to leave on the last school day of half/term. Whilst we would encourage students to attend lessons on the last day, we understand that on some occasions, this cannot be adhered too due to flight timings. Please note that if you require (name of student) to leave before the last day of half term, permission MUST be sought from the respective House Parents for early leave and/or late arrivals. Requests may be escalated to Mr Burnett – Deputy Head.