This is a popular department that over the years has consistently sought to update and develop the range of courses offered in order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of students. Our department now consists of seven exceptional teachers with a wealth of experience and expertise in business and economics.

In the Senior School, iGCSEs in both Business Studies and Economics are offered.

The iGCSE Business follows the Cambridge syllabus and the iGCSE Economics follows the Edexcel specification.

Both courses we follow cover all of the topics of the national criteria for the subject and the textbooks we use have been specifically produced to meet the requirements of the respective iGCSE courses.

iGCSE Business studies

The main topics are:

  • Enterprise (setting up a small business)
  • Marketing  (including Pricing, Promotion)
  • Production  (including Efficiency, Location)
  • Finance (including Accounting)
  • Management of People (including Motivation, Industrial Relations)
  • External Environment (including Economic Issues, Business Ethics)

This course provides a foundation in business knowledge which is vital to any entrepreneur and important to any career.

iGCSE Economics

The main topics are:

  • The market system
  • Business economics
  • Government and the economy
  • The global economy

This course provides a foundation in economic understanding which forms a strong base for further learning; both within the economics field or indeed in any business/finance related career.

Throughout both courses we would expect pupils to make regular reference to the real world (both domestically and in a global context) and to use information from newspapers and other up-to-date sources. The specification will offer opportunities to develop core ‘key skills’ (IT, Numeracy, Communication) as well as contribute to the understanding of ‘Citizenship’ issues on topics such as the role of the economy and UK relations in Europe.

The courses are taught in an interactive way using a combination of traditional teaching techniques, technology, interaction and student-led learning. Students are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and to push themselves to a high standard.

In the Sixth Form, students can choose to study A Level Business or Economics, BTEC National Diploma in Business or IB Economics. Pupils explore the ever-changing global economic climate and the various issues faced by today’s commercial world through topical and theoretical material, as well as participating in enthusiastic debate.