Art encourages human beings to investigate, question, broaden, refine and reflect upon their outlook on the world: it is an essential part of life itself. We challenge and inspire our students at Taunton School to develop their creative souls by producing personal, imaginative and original works of Art across a wide range of disciplines – drawing, painting, printing, sculpture, mixed media and photography. We promote active participation, informed risk-taking and innovative experimentation in a stimulating and dynamic environment where all types of visual creativity are welcome.

The Art Department follows the Edexcel specification for GCSE Art and Design: Fine Art. Fine Art may be defined as work developed primarily to communicate aesthetic, intellectual or purely conceptual ideas and meaning, rather than to serve a practical or commercial function. For example, work could be the outcome of personal experiences, thoughts and feelings, or simply to observe and record people, places and things in new and unique ways.

Fine Art work will demonstrate an understanding and application of formal elements and creative skills, including mark-making. Students will use visual communication sensitively and thoughtfully to document their artistic journey and fully support their intentions.

In the context of this specification, the areas of study are: drawing, installation, lens-/light-based media, mixed media, land art, printing, painting and sculpture. Students will need to develop work in at least one of these areas in order to meet the specification’s requirements.

The Department has five studios and two darkrooms. It is an exciting, colourful and creative oasis where students enjoy working in a Fine Art environment, for example: standing by easels and painting on canvas with oils or acrylics. Traditional observational enquiries and experimental investigations are as important as new and alternative media trials – all of which is paramount to studying Fine Art.

Art Club takes place twice a week, but GCSE students are also welcome to work in the studios during their study and/or free periods.

The GCSE Art students lead by example. Hence, they play an essential role in all collaborative events arranged by the Art Department such as the Big Draw. Staff and students also enjoy research-based field trips and visits to local/national museums, galleries and sculpture gardens.

Many of our students continue to study Art-related subjects at foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate level and some have gone on to win significant awards, for example, in Theatre Design. Each year all students who have applied for Foundation Courses in Art and Design have been offered places at prestigious art schools such as Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art and Design, Arts University College at Bournemouth and University College Falmouth. We are very proud of their achievements and we are pleased that they stay in touch and let us know how their artistic careers are progressing.

Taunton School offers 13+ and Sixth Form scholarships in Art. For more information, please visit the Scholarship page on the website.