Art lets you see the world in colour and in 3D. It is a gateway to the soul. It unlocks part of everybody’s humanity and enriches our lives. Thus, we believe everybody can benefit from studying Art.

We offer a variety of Fine Art courses for Years 9-13. The term ‘Fine Art’ refers to an art form practised mainly for its aesthetic value and beauty (i.e. “art for art’s sake”) rather than its functional value. The purity of this approach enables our students to explore the widest possible range of ideas, materials, techniques and artistic disciplines (e.g. drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media and digital art). The diversity afforded by trips with students drawing and painting on location and visiting museums and galleries, plays a fundamental role in the creation of highly personal portfolios; this in turn helps students to secure places at the most prestigious Art schools both here and abroad.

Our co-curricular activities include Art clubs, master classes, scholar sessions and individual tutorials. They challenge the students practically, theoretically and personally whilst also leaving plenty of room for fun and creativity. Who knows: the next Frida Kahlo, Barbara Hepworth or Grayson Perry might emerge from the art studios of Taunton School.

Taunton School offers 13+ and Sixth Form scholarships in Art. For more information, please visit the Scholarship page on the website.