This exciting subject enables pupils to get a real taste of life in ancient Roman Britain through the exploration of the language, literature and culture.

Pupils follow the WJEC Level 2 Certificates in Latin Language and Latin Literature. The syllabus we follow builds on the Cambridge Latin Course, but there is no reason why pupils who have studied a different textbook should be at any disadvantage.

Latin teaches you to think, to analyse and to be succinct. The literature is fantastic and you will learn more about the Roman world. Talk to a current pupil or the teachers to get a stronger flavour of what is on offer. These are approachable courses which provide a strong foundation for further study but are an excellent addition to any CV!

Year 9 sees Senior pupils continuing to develop their Latin language skills. In Year 10 we continue with Unit 4 of the Cambridge Latin Course which focuses on Rome under the Empire.  We also use a range of other textbooks and learn about many of the famous episodes in the history of Rome and the most famous myths they shared with the Greeks: Horatius defending the bridge, the geese who save the Capitol, Romulus, Remus, Theseus, Hercules and many more. We begin to study literature in Year 10 and continue this into Year 11.

This course leads to two Level 2 qualifications, in Latin Language and in Latin Literature. The WJEC Certificates are full GCSE equivalents with the same status as IGCSEs. You will take four units: two for Language and two for Literature.

The Core Language paper uses the grammar from the first three books of the Cambridge Latin Course, plus a few extra topics. The grammar for the Additional Language paper is taught during Years 10 and 11. You will study two literature texts, one verse and one prose. The option for Controlled Assessment gives us the opportunity to be very flexible with the choice of text and this can be tailored to the class’s specific interests.

The educational journey continues in the Sixth Form with A Level and IB Latin, designed to deliver a deeper learning and understanding of the Latin language through the study of ancient authors and literary texts.