Appreciating, respecting and understanding other cultures and the world around us is a key part of the Taunton School education.

Learning other languages allows our pupils to connect, engage and communicate effectively with others in their immediate environment and opens up opportunities in their future careers and the world beyond.

Offering French, German and Spanish in Year 9, pupils can opt to study one or two languages before selecting their language or languages of choice to study at GSCE level. In Years 10 and 11 we offer French, German and Spanish following the Edexcel syllabus. The aim of the iGCSE courses in French, German and Spanish is to enable our pupils to communicate competently and accurately in the foreign language, both orally and in writing, and to understand the written and spoken word. We seek to foster a positive interest in the culture of each country. Good linguistic and study skills are nurtured and the courses are designed to be academically challenging and enjoyable as well as practical.

The iGCSE course covers a wide range of materials drawn from five broad topic areas:

  • Home and Abroad
  • Education and Employment
  • House, Home and Daily Routines
  • The Modern World and the Environment
  • Social Activities, Fitness and Health

Subject areas are firmly rooted in the culture of the target-language country and aim to be relevant to young teenagers.

Teaching sets are fairly small with students having four periods a week.  The Department has three part-time and six full-time members of staff.  We have a wide range of learning resources available, including an IT suite, online resources, DVDs, books, magazines and games.

French, Spanish and German students would usually have the opportunity to visit their target language country in Year 10 or 11.

At A-Level, pupils can build on previously developed skills in French, German and Spanish to improve their confidence and fluency. And as part of the International Baccalaureate course, we offer French, Spanish and German B, Italian ab initio, Spanish ab initio, German A Language and Literature, Italian A Literature and French A Literature.

Plus, a wide range of extracurricular opportunities including trips, events and participating in school productions enable pupils to develop their language skills further.