Understanding and nurturing a love and appreciation for other cultures around the world is a key part of the Taunton School education and an important component of the global outlook we seek to nurture. We believe that a in a multilingual world a modern language has enormous benefit to offer all students, regardless of their age, aptitude, their starting point and including those with special educational needs. Being able to understand and engage with real people who speak and use other languages on their own terms is more important than ever. To this end, we are an enthusiastic and forward-thinking department, valuing innovation, dynamism and creativity in our teaching.

We are proud to offer our students a broad range of languages to study across the whole-school pathway, starting with a choice of one of two from French, German or Spanish in Year 9. Students then choose which one or two of their Year 9 languages they will continue with to iGCSE level, where students have enjoyed excellent public exam results.

Beyond iGCSE, our students have an impressive amount of choice available to them to continue their language studies in the sixth form. At A Level we offer French, German and Spanish, and at IB the options are French (B), German (A and B), Spanish (B and ab initio) and Italian (A and ab initio). We are incredibly proud of this wide offering and of the success and enjoyment our students get from their studies.

As a department we place enormous value on the enriching extra-curricular experience of languages and not solely on what happens during timetabled lessons. We realise that there is more to learning a language than an exam syllabus and are enthusiastic in running trips abroad in order to bring the classroom-based learning even more alive. Particularly in the sixth form, we also run enjoyable evening events for linguists.