Senior pupils benefit from an extensive extracurricular and enrichment programme that provides extensive opportunities to enrich their academic studies, help them achieve excellence in their chosen subjects and support applications to further education. An engagement in such pursuits also gives students the opportunity to discover their potential.

Pupils can join numerous clubs and academic societies, including the Investment Club and Young Enterprise, Chess Club, Modern Languages Society, Scientific Society and The Lisk (History) Society. These enrichment activities, which are not considered a part of the academic curriculum, enable students to develop a range of skills, including reasoning, problem solving, and working individually and as part of a team.

The musically talented and inquisitive can join a variety of Ensembles covering a multitude of musical genres and offering plenty of opportunities to perform worldwide. Ensembles include the Orchestra, Wind Band, Dance Band, Advanced Vocal Ensemble, Chapel Choir, Boys’ Choir, Rock Band, String Quartet, Stomp Percussion Ensemble, Funk Band, Saxophone Ensemble and Music Theory Classes.

And to showcase their talents, pupils can participate in local, regional, national and international events such as the Taunton Music and Drama Festival, the National Schools’ Shakespeare Festival and the Model United Nations (MUN) to name but a few.

Many pupils gain places in the National Youth Orchestra and perform in the National Youth Music Theatre. Whilst others go on to successfully compete in local, regional, national and international competitions in Maths, English, Music, Drama, Poetry, Geography, Art and Design and Sports. These include the Taunton Young Musician of the Year competition, World International Debating and Public Speaking Championship, West of England Public Schools’ Tournament, Somerset Schools Championships, South West Championships and Annual World Wise Quiz (Geography).

Pupils also enjoy a huge range of fun and informative trips, from visiting art galleries and the theatre, to fieldwork and trips overseas. They also benefit hugely from visiting speakers, teachers, performers and leading academics and authors in their fields who host master classes, workshops, recitals and lectures.

And finally, there are also many opportunities for service activities, including the Combined Cadet Force and The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme.

Please find below issues from our Meraki Journal. This is a student-run journal founded by students Anna Bray and Abigail Cassion. Every other week a country is selected, and staff and pupils are welcome to contribute an article on anything relating to said country. The journal not only allows students to write on a vast range of countries, but also to explore it from a range of viewpoints. The Meraki Journal subsequently provides readers and writers with a wealth of diversity in the form of articles in a breadth of subjects.