All pupils in the Main School join the CCF as a compulsory activity in Years 10 and 11 and many volunteer to stay on as Senior Cadets during their sixth form years. Pupils are all given the choice of joining one of 4 Sections being Royal Navy, Army, RAF or the non-military Section called Trek Force.

In concert with other elements of the School’s Co-curricular program, the primary aim of the CCF is to enable students to develop qualities of Leadership that will be of benefit in adult life. CCF activities are encouraged and heavily sponsored by the MoD, which means that all CCF cadets can apply to undertake courses such as sailing, climbing, scuba diving and leadership, all of which award nationally recognised qualifications. Most of these courses are free of charge!

Having elected to join one of the 4 Sections, cadets will follow a training program tailored toward that Section’s military requirements. As examples; the RN learn maritime skills like boating and navigation, the Army concentrate on Weapon Training and Field Craft, the RAF learn about Aeronautics and have opportunities to Fly, and Trek Force learn Orienteering and other Expedition skills.

CCF happens for 1.5 hours per week during term time, there are 2 annual overnight Field Days and depending upon availability, additional events are sometimes offered, usually at weekends.