We are committed to providing quality support to all of our athletes who are looking to become elite sportsmen or women through a Performance Programme. The goal is to develop each person individually as an athlete to support and guide them to maximise their potential.

At Taunton School we pride ourselves in providing an infrastructure that will challenge, nurture and inspire each athlete to excel in whatever they are interested in, whether it be academically or in sport. We firmly believe that providing students with a well-rounded education.

Excellent facilities, plus specialist coaches, ensure pupils reach their full potential and a level of excellence in their chosen sport in preparation for life beyond Taunton School, whether that be at university or within a career in the sports industry.

Offering a range of courses including, GCSE and A Level Physical Education, BTEC Sport and Exercise Sciences and added vocational or National Governing Body qualifications, our Performance Programme also opens doors to sports degrees and sports management and hospitality degrees around the world, whilst providing unparalleled support for sports scholarships in the United States.

The Programme Structure

Strength and Conditioning:

A weekly programme is run each term that all students in the school are able to access. This programme is focused on developing individual strength and conditioning, speed, power, strength, flexibility, core, balance and agility.

These programmes will ensure that pupils have a solid foundation in movement skills, and joints are fully strengthened and core strength and stability are maximised ahead of weight training. This not only improves pupils’ ability to perform on the pitch, but also reduces the risk of injury.

Skill Specific Sessions:

The Performance Programme athletes will also be able to take part in sport-specific skills workshops, run by both school coaches and visiting coaches or elite players.


The Performance Programme will provide various levels of psychological support to help pupils navigate through the difficulties in sporting performance or within the school environment. A Growth Mindset is encouraged from all our students and athletes and this is encouraged within the programme.


The Performance Programme is designed to complement and enable students to commit fully to their academic progress, we will expect high levels of academic effort. The Director of Sport, works alongside house tutors and teaching staff to mentor students and support them to ensure students are fully involved and successful in all aspects of school life. Reduced attainment in academic subjects can result in a pupil’s withdrawal from the Performance Programme.

Health and Wellbeing

In order to fully reach their potential, it is important that athletes are not only taken care of when they are injured, but that they also learn to take care of themselves and develop healthy habits that will set them up for long athletic careers. Therefore the Performance Programme also covers injury prevention and rehabilitation, and nutrition, in consultation with the school medical centre and physiotherapists.