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Dance is a great way for Seniors to burn off excess energy, develop their fitness levels and explore the vast variety of dance styles from around the world. And did we mention it’s heaps of fun?

Covering a multitude of dance genres, from ballet, tap, samba and flamenco, to contemporary jazz, lyrical modern and street dance to name but a few, pupils have the chance to perfect their dance moves, whilst developing their confidence through performance.

Along with choreography competitions, Seniors have the opportunity to participate in a huge range of School Productions to showcase their dance expertise, including Performing Arts Evenings and An Evening of Dance.


Dance GCSE can be taken from year nine and is run as a one year course. The Dance GCSE students will engage with two lessons a week in order to complete the four units which include three practical assessments and one written exam.
Unit 1: Critical appreciation of dance- written exam
Unit 2: Set Dance-practical examination
Unit 3: Performance in a duo/group dance-controlled examination
Unit 4: Choreography-controlled examination

1:1/Open sessions

1-1 and open small group sessions are available in the following dance styles:
1. Contemporary
2. Jazz
3. Street/HipHop
4. Tap
5. Ballet
6. African
7. Lyrical
8. Dance Fit


• Every year we put on a dance show incorporating TPPS, TPS and TS
• The dance and drama students collaborate to create a competition piece which we enter in the Rock Challenge regional competition each year
• GCSE dance students put on a showing of their work from throughout the year
• TS dance company perform in the Somerset community platform at the Octagon Theatre


• Move It London Dance trip
• Union Dance - Dance Tek Warrior workshop
• Various dance theatre trips to watch an array of companies and dance styles

Links to clubs

• Union Dance
• EXIM Dance Company
• The Grovement project dance company (Street dance)
• ISTD grade work