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The great thing about weekends at Taunton School is the amount of free time available for pupils to pursue their interests and socialise with friends.

Once Saturday morning’s lessons are out of the way, pupils throw themselves into the many sporting events and matches taking place in the afternoon. Those not involved are free to fill their time how they wish, whether that’s hanging out with friends, relaxing, heading into town or catching up with school work.

On Sundays some time is put aside for prep, but boarders also make good use of the recreational areas in their houses to enjoy a game of pool, watch TV and DVDs or play on Wiis and Playstations. Plus, many houses have lovely enclosed patios or conservatories that are perfect for relaxation and reading.

And with a huge range of clubs, societies, activities and sports to participate in, boarders can also spend their weekends playing golf, football, tennis and chess, perfect their dance moves, master musical instruments and even rehearse for school events, such as plays and musicals.