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Sixth Form 2016 Former Students

Listen to two former students discussing how Taunton has helped them in the direction they're going

Our excellent academic record is testament to our warm, friendly and supportive environment that enables pupils to flourish and reach their full academic potential.

Results are consistently outstanding with approximately 94% of all Sixth Formers taking up university places either in the UK or abroad and a huge majority going on to secure places at their first choice university. Plus, more than 40 of our pupils have been offered places at Oxford or Cambridge in the last ten years.

2017 A Level, IB and BTEC Results

• 100% pass rate across 30 subjects offered
• 45% of all grades were A* or A equivalent
• 68% of sixth form grades were A* - B equivalent
• The A* - C equivalent rate was 88%
• Kieran Bailey gained four A* grades and an A
• Deputy Head Girl, Sara Guest achieved an amazing maximum score of 45 points in the International Baccalaureate (equivalent to 4 A* grades at A Level)
• Laurie Dawkins achieved triple distinction* in BTEC (equivalent to 3 A* grades at A Level)

2016 A Level, IB and BTEC Results

• 100% pass rate in all 26 A Level subjects
• 5 BTEC students gained triple star Distinctions
• Head Boy, Liam Travers (IB) with the equivalent of 4 A*
• Successful Pre-Med Programme – all 6 Medics, Dentists and Vets obtained their first choice university
• 28 students with 3 A/A* or equivalent


My son is absolutely thrilled to have gained the grades he did. As a school you showed him the way and determination not to concede. He has so enjoyed his time at school; academic, sport and social. It has been fabulous to see him enjoy student life so very much.”


of a Sixth Form student