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From Sixth Form fees, payment options and advanced fee plans, to insurance information and family discounts, you’ll find all the information you require listed here.

Fees Schedule for Autumn Term 2017 to Summer Term 2018

This fees schedule must be read in conjunction with the standard Terms and Conditions.

The fees are for the full academic year, expressed and collected in three termly amounts.

Registration Fee: £100

Acceptance deposit for UK based pupils, including HM Armed Forces (Returned against final invoice): £750     

Acceptance deposit for European Union (Returned against final invoice): £3,000

Acceptance deposit for Rest of the World: One term’s fee 

Payment of fees in advance
*The payment of the fees on an annual, rather than termly basis, attracts a discount. The greater the number of years paid for in advance, the greater the compound discount will be. For further details, please contact the Finance Office on 01823 703140.

New to 6th Form  

  • Annual day - £18,637
  • Annual full boarding - £34,749

Family Discount

A younger sibling will receive a Family Discount of 10% against tuition fees from the Reception onwards, whilst thereis an older sibling in the school. This discount ceases once the older sibling leaves the school. If a pupil is awarded a scholarship, this takes priority and any Family Discount stops.

Methods of Payment
Payment of the termly fees and the extras for the previous term are due by the first day of each term, in accordance with the standard Terms and Conditions, unless an arrangement has been made to pay by DirectDebit. Please note that the School does not accept cash for payment of fees. The following methods of
payment are available:

Direct Debit
The termly fees, extras and pupil recoveries from the previous term may be paid by Direct Debit at the School’s absolute discretion. Payment is made in three equal instalments early in the months shown in each term:

  • Autumn Term September, October and November
  • Spring Term January, February and March
  • Summer Term May, June and July

Under the Direct Debit Guarantee, should the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change, we will givenotice 10 working days in advance. Should you wish to pay by Direct Debit please contact the Finance Office,so that an authority form may be sent to you, (e-mail: finance@tauntonschool.co.uk or telephone: 01823 703140).

Cheques should be made payable to Taunton School and, together with the remittance slip, should be sent direct to the School; Finance Office, Taunton School, Taunton, Somerset, TA2 6AD.

Bank Transfer
For those with Non-UK bank accounts we recommend a sterling transfer to the Taunton School Collection Account, details below:

HSBC Bank plc 
17 North Street 
Taunton, Somerset 
TA1 1NA 

Sort Code: 40-44-04
Account Number: 81781235
Please ensure that your account reference and invoice number are included with the payment details.

Credit / Debit Card
The School accepts payment by VISA, DELTA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, SOLO and MAESTRO. Should you wish to pay by this method please telephone the Finance Office on 01823 703140 with your payment details – you will need to do this each term:

Please note that payment by credit card attracts a 1.75% handling charge. This partially covers the cost the School incurs in accepting these payments.

Advanced Fee Plans
Parents may find paying one or more years in advance helpful, particularly to support visa applications. The fees schedule includes the annual fees. The School also provides a discount where three or more years are paid in advance. This has proved popular with families planning their commitments. If you are interested in investigating an advance fee plan, in excess of one year, please contact Kay on 01823 703143 or at

Late Payment Charge
Late payment will attract a £200 administration charge for each pupil if the fees are not paid within 2 weeks ofthe beginning of term, unless a direct debit authority is in place.

Fee Extras for 2017/2018

Day Pupil Charges

The following items are invoiced separately at the end of each term and are in addition to the termly fees:

School Bus Service                          
We have a zone fee system depending on proximity to the school. See our transport section for details.

Day Pupil Lunches  

Senior School
£ 3.90 per day

Day Pupils attending Boarders’ Supper      
£ 3.90 per day

Occasional boarding
£37.90 per night (Includes: Supper, Bed and Breakfast)

Academic/Tuition Charges

Individual Music lessons, from: £28.50 

Dance classes (see application form) £6.90 – £17.10

Speech and Drama* £88.35 - £165.00

* Dependant on the number and type of sessions plus Exam and Festival fees (please confirm rates when booking lessons)

Learning Success / Support: Session Charge £32.20

Public Examination Costs
Costs vary by chosen subjects and level undertaken. Typical costs are £35 for a GCSE subject, £90 for an A-Level subjectand £75 for an IB subject.

Design Technology and Art
In the Senior School a charge may be made for materials: this may increase in Year 11 and Sixth Forms depending on the projects undertaken for public examination.

School Shop
Boarders may purchase goods from the School Shop by signing a chit in the Shop; this will be billed at the end of term.

Sports and Other Activities
The majority of sporting activities are included in the fees. There are some sports that have an exceptional cost, for example, individual coaching, golf lessons and horse riding.
The following additional costs will be charged separately:

CCF £20.00 per term
(A separate charge is made for CCF Boots)

Other Charges

  • Boarders’ Dry Cleaning - actual cost incurred (Laundry is free for Boarders)
  • House Subscriptions - houses may charge subscriptions at the discretion of
    the House staff
  • House Outings - actual cost incurred
  • School Visit/Overseas - Trips French Exchanges, Skiing, Field Trips, Theatre Outings etc. charged at cost
  • Individual Purchases - e.g. Stationery, commemorative shirts or fleeces
  • Printing each pupil is allocated a £5 per term allowance for printing, any further printing over this allowance is charged

The School purchases block insurance on behalf of parents and is able to provide a good level of cover for Personal Effects, School Fees’ Protection and Private Medical Cover, at relatively low cost. Each of these policies are available on an opt-in basis and policy documents are available on request.

Cost per term

  • Personal Effects £9.86
  • Pupil Absence 1.5% of the day fee, 1% of the boarding fee
  • Private Medical Cover £70.00

Personal Accident Insurance
The School will no longer be charging for this insurance cover. Each pupil will be automatically included on this policy, with a maximum benefit of £600,000. Policy documents are available on request.

Financial Enquiries

If we can be of any assistance please contact the Finance Team: 

If you would like to download our fees in a PDF format please see below: