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Our Admissions Team

Whether you’re arranging a visit, enquiring about registration or would like more information on the admissions process, our Admissions Team are on hand to help and advise you.

Nursery Admissions Administrator: Melissa Catton
Telephone: 01823 703703
Email: nursery@tauntonschool.co.uk

Pre-Prep and Prep Admissions Manager: Lucie Baker
Telephone: 01823 703303
Email: tpsadmissions@tauntonschool.co.uk

Senior and Sixth Form Admissions Manager: Julie Amann
Telephone: 01823 703703
Email: registrar@tauntonschool.co.uk  

International Admissions Manager: Helen Kingaby
Telephone: 01823 703737
Email: admissions@tauntonschool.co.uk