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Sixth Form Life

Sixth Form life is a fun, hectic mix of academic studies, co-curricular activities and plenty of socialising all aimed at developing well rounded, inquisitive and knowledgeable young adults who can achieve anything they put their minds to.

There are numerous areas outside of the classroom where pupils can concentrate on their studies, from the Carrington Library and their house facilities, to upstairs in The Guvvy.

And when it’s time to socialise, The Guvvy really comes into its own providing the ideal social hub for both Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth Form pupils to congregate and have fun.

But not only that; regular social events and activities ensure down time is fully maximised. Whether it’s Karaoke, pizza or film evenings, dance classes, quiz nights, meals and skittles at the local pub, themed Sixth Form Socials or our annual Gala Christmas Ball, life in the Sixth From is vibrant and immensely fulfilling.

Watch our video to see what we offer in our sixth form programme.


I firmly believe that the ethos at Taunton School and the strong relationships that my daughter developed with the teaching staff have really helped her perform at her best. Her results have enabled her to secure a place at her first choice university.


of a Sixth Form student