After growing up in London Debra spent some time travelling in both South Africa and Asia before settling in West Sussex into a career in sport and fitness as a Personal Trainer. This career choice led to Debra to become passionate about not just the physical welfare of her clients, but their emotional well-being as well.

It became apparent to Debra over time that helping an individual to become fit and healthy goes far beyond simply improving their level of fitness. She soon realised that their mental health was vital to their physical wellbeing, and began to explore a more holistic approach towards her training. This led Debra to complete an Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy which she studied for whilst raising her two small children. After having children of her own, Debra found that she had become passionate about the emotional wellbeing of children and embarked upon another Diploma course in Counselling for Children and Young Adults.

Debra is very excited to be working as part of the Pastoral team at TSIMS and really enjoys working with the wonderful and vibrant mix of students that attend. She is committed through her work to ensure that all of the students in her care are offered all of the support they require to thrive in their fantastic school.