Morne obtained his teaching qualification in South Africa from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. This is also where he was fortunate to grow up.

Soon after receiving his qualification in Secondary Physical Science Education Morne relocated to the United Kingdom where he took up his first teaching appointment as a Mathematics teacher, teaching up to GCSE level. After six months Morne took up a very different role in small prep school in Salisbury, teaching Science. After a year of working in the school Morne accepted the pastoral role as Houseparent and later Joint Head of Boarding. Morne’s role was to deal with any discipline matters within the boarding house and to look after their full boarders who were mainly international students.

Obtaining his Boarding Management qualification from Roehampton University in London helped Morne to improve the quality of the care the school provided for it’s boarders. Morne remained in this role for a period of 10 years before moving to Taunton. It has been a privilege for Morne to work at Taunton School International Middle School since its opening in 2012. He has enjoyed teaching Mathematics, Science and ICT during his time at Taunton and his role as the boys’ Housemaster remains extremely rewarding. Morne works with an amazing team of colleagues who are equally committed to the care and welfare of all their students.