Suzette is a French graduate, in fact her undergraduate honours degree was in French and European Studies at Queen Mary College, University of London. She completed her postgraduate teaching diploma at Jordanhill in Glasgow and her first job was the Assistant to the Publisher at the EFL Gazette, which introduced her to the world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). She spent several happy years teaching TEFL in Oxford at the Eckersley Language School and subsequently moved to St Clare’s, Oxford where she combined a teaching role with the post of Summer School Director of Studies, which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Suzette is currently working as an EAL teacher at Taunton School International Middle School where she is enjoying the new challenge of working with students from Year 8-11. She was the Head of the EAL Department at Taunton Senior School for four years where she supported students on both A level and GCSE courses. In addition to this, she taught on the IB English B programme, delivered IELTS courses and worked as a CAS supervisor. In 2017 she moved over to Taunton School International where she became Director of the Summer School and a member of the English department. Suzette has been the boarding Housemistress of Foxcombe Girls’ House as well the Director of Short Courses & Summer School Academic Manager. She is passionate about her work because she meets so many interesting students, many of whom go on to join Taunton School in the Sixth Form or Taunton School International to follow the IGCSE or pre IB programme. Suzette also uses her knowledge of the different parts of the school to run the Easter Revision courses. She helps plan the courses, deliver our unique educational experience, develop and lead a team of excellent teachers and has the privilege of working with a truly diverse group of international students