Assisted places

The Foundation is at the heart of Taunton School’s aims to challenge, nurture and inspire our young people to succeed in a global community. Donations towards Assisted Places support the creation of an endowment fund that will provide means-tested places at Taunton School for generations to come. These places enable more children who would otherwise never be able to attend a school like Taunton – especially local children – the chance to benefit from the all-round education here.

Assisted Places are important to the whole Taunton School community. They positively impact every pupil at the school by bringing in new ideas, ensuring the school remains a diverse environment and preparing students for life in a global workplace.

Students with an Assisted Place recognise the impact and opportunity they have been given. They are ambitious and they work hard. They understand that their education is a privilege. In almost every case, those with an Assisted Place in our sixth form become prefects, leaders, captains and mentors of the school, encouraging others to do their best and becoming ambassadors for the school for life.

Thank you for your support, it will ensure more children have the chance to benefit from a life-changing education at Taunton School.

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