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Taunton School coach pickup/drop off – NEW STOPS

Posted: 7th July 2016

Taunton School is pleased to offer a trial service of 3 additional stops within a 4-mile radius of Taunton school, on the daily coach routes in and out of School.  The trial will run through the Autumn 2016 term and if successful, will be part of a wider review of transport services, that may see Tube-style zoning, with more stops and affordable daily transport options being offered.

The stops will be;

Sheppy’s Cider Farm (A38)
Pick up @ 0755           Drop off @ 1740

Hankridge Retail Park
Pick up @ 0758           Drop off @ 1725

Bishops Lydeard (A358/Station Road Junction)
Pick up @ 0755           Drop off @ 1740

The cost of the service will be a flat fee of £2 per day for a guaranteed pre-booked seat.  If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact transport@tauntonschool.co.uk

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