English Tuition

Our English study programmes are designed to provide the ideal preparation either for a UK boarding school education or for continued studies in English. The balance of course elements offers a formula which is both academically enriching but also great fun. Lessons are learned not only in the classroom, but also through the varied programme of cultural and sightseeing visits, and interaction with other pupils from a wide range of countries and cultures. Our enthusiastic and welcoming staff ensure that their lessons are engaging and rewarding. Comprising elements of reading, writing, speaking and listening our English classes focus on encouraging students to put into practice skills already learnt, and to build confidence particularly in active use of the language. We adopt a learner-centred approach, with pair and group work designed to encourage interaction and to provide a preparation for real life situations, as well as extending the students’ existing knowledge base. Students leave the course with a report,  a course certificate and an English level based on the Common European Framework (CEFR). Our courses build confidence, develop core skills and prepare the foundations for future learning and later life.