English Tuition

Learning English in a fun, exciting and engaging way is at the core of what we do on our Summer School and we believe our students make significant progress in just two weeks.

Students are taught in age- and level-appropriate groups by highly qualified and experienced English teachers, catering for all levels from A1 to C1.

Students study 20 hours of English on each Summer School and can choose between our Core English or Advanced English classes.

Core English is for students at levels A1 – B2. Lessons focus on the 4 key skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, as well as vocabulary & grammar.

Advanced English is for students at levels C1 – C2 and their lessons will focus on applying their English language skills through topics including creative writing, debate, public speaking and poetry.

Please enjoy this video about English for Juniors at Taunton International School’s Summer School

My best experience at Summer School was that I could work with people who are on the same level with their English that I was and it really motivated me to work harder and to improve even more. I would definitely recommend to go to Summer School before coming to Taunton School or for one summer to improve your English or even to have fun at learning, because it takes away the fear of coming into such a big school. You get to know so many people from other nationalities and you don’t only just learn, you learn and have fun.

Anna from Germany. Attended Summer School in 2017, now studying at Taunton School.