Taunton School Transport Vehicles

Transport Services

Our efficient, safe and reliable transport network eliminates the logistical nightmare of coordinating the school run for busy families. With a fleet of three coaches and 11 minibuses at our disposal, transporting day pupils to and from Taunton School is all part of our streamlined service. Our transport network covers 11 routes. Click on the route of your choice to reveal a map of the route, journey time and a timetable of pick up points.

Taunton School Transport Zones

Our zone system is fair, transparent and more affordable to families. Our current fees are:

  • Zone 1 – less than 3.5 miles – £3.95/round trip
  • Zone 2 – 3.5 to 10 miles – £6.60/round trip
  • Zone 3 – over 10 miles – £9.20/round trip

We know that entrusting your child’s welfare and safety to others requires a huge leap of faith, which is why we ensure our transportation service is incredibly safe and secure. Our drivers are exclusive to each route so you’ll benefit from the sense of security and familiarity provided by knowing the same driver will be responsible for your child’s safety and welfare to and from school. All of our drivers are contactable by mobile phone, hands-free of course, should you need to speak to your child.

We ensure the following from our drivers:

  • Employed by Taunton School
  • DBS checked
  • Driver exclusive to each route
  • Fire trained
  • First aid trained
  • Uniformed
  • Fully contactable by parents (mobile hands-free)
  • Register children daily

Our transportation service is only as good as the drivers and the vehicles that enable it, which is why we not only insist on fully vetted and highly trained drivers, but that our vehicles are regularly checked, serviced and maintained. Our fleet of vehicles consists of three 57-seater coaches and 11 modified, bespoke built Peugeot and Mercedes Benz minibuses with separate luggage compartments for added safety. All of our vehicles meet current carbon emission regulations and have speed limiters, seatbelts, fire extinguishers and first aid kits fitted as standard. Our coaches and minibuses receive a regular monthly inspection to ensure they operate safely and provide the utmost safety for your child.


Our transport network covers 11 routes. Click on the route of your choice to reveal a map of the route, journey time and a timetable of pick up points.

Curry Rivel

Tel: 07719 734706

AM Pick up point

06:50 Yeovil Hospital bus stop, Kingston, Yeovil
06:55 Podimore Services
07:05 Frog Lane Kingston
07:20 Long Sutton
07:30 One Stop Car Park, Langport
07:42 Wiltown, Curry Rivel
07:45 Fivehead bus Stop
07:54 Hamilton Road Bus Stop
08:00 Priory Bridge Road, Taunton


Tel: 07719 734747

AM Pick up point:

07:00 Darts Farm
07:10  Kestrel Way, Sowton Ind Est, Exeter
07:25 Cullompton Services
07:33 Tiverton Services
07:48 High Street, Wellington
07:50 Torres Vendos Dr, Wellington


Tel: 07824 311028

AM Pick up point

06:55 Lidl, Wells
07:10 Moonraker Square, Street
07:25 Pedwell layby
07:33 King Alfred Pub, Burrowbridge
07:35 Levels Basket Centre Burrow Bridge
07:45 Lower Durston
07:53 Monkton Elm Bus Stop
07:55 Merry Monk Bus Stop Monkton Heathfield

Hatch Beauchamp

Tel: 07971 447130

AM Pick up point

06:45 Isle Abbotts
06:50 Ilton
07:05 Beercrocombe
07:15 Lower Street, Curry Mallet
07:25 Village Road, Hatch Beauchamp
07:40 Backham Cottages, Borough Post
07:42 Knapp
07:50 Bull lane, Creech St Michael
07:55 Stoke Road, Henlade
08:00 Upper Holway Road, Taunton


Tel: 07719 734740

AM Pick up point

07:10 Barclays Bank Bus Stop, Minehead Parade
07:12 Alcombe, Minehead
07:20 Withycombe, A39
07:30 Gliddons, Williton
07:32 Tower Hill, Williton
07:37 Woolston Moor, A358
07:40 Crowcombe, A358

Nether Stowey

Tel: 07824 311027

AM Pick up point

07:00 The Hood Arms, Kilve
07:20 Cannington Post Office
07:30 The Quantock Wembdon Rd, Bridgwater
07:32 Haygrove School, Bridgwater
07:35 Taunton Road, Bridgwater
07:41 The Compass Tavern, A38 North Petherton
07:45 Bus stop, North Petherton


Tel: 07719 734746

AM Pick up point

06:50 The Guildhall bus stop, Chard
07:05 Axminster Leisure Centre
07:40 Village Hall car park, Churchinford
07:45 Blagdon Hill bus stop
07:50 Trull layby
07:55 Queen’s College layby
08:00 Parkfield Road
08:02 Musgrove Park Hospital


Tel: 07719 734749

AM Pick up point

06:50 Sidmouth
07:00 Sidbury
07:10 A30 Service Area Honiton
07:40 Clayhiden Bus Stop
07:50 West Buckland Memorial
07:55 War Memorial, Bradford on Tone, Taunton
08:00 Crematorium Bus Stop, Wellington Road, Taunton


Tel: 07719 734743

AM Pick up point

06:45 Train station Weston-super-Mare
07:05 Lower Weare, Axbridge
07:12 East Brent Parish Hall
07:30 Bibic lay by, A39 Puriton Hill, Bawdrip
07:40 Junction 24 (M5) – Bridgwater Tennis Club


Tel: 07816 164553

AM Pick up point

07:15 War Memorial bus stop, Bampton
07:25 Waterrow
07:30 Wiveliscombe car park   
07:40 St Michael’s Hill, Milverton
07:41 Milverton Roundabout
07:50 Halse triangle
07:55 Cotford St Luke


Tel: 07759 405490

AM Pick up point

07:10 Ashlands Road, Crewkerne
07:15 Broadway, Merriot
07:30 South Petherton Garage
07:42 Minster Park, Illminster

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