Summer School Kayak Trip

Evening Activities and Weekend Trips

Being a boarder at Taunton School means feeling happy, comfortable and having fun in your ‘home from home’ and as part of this experience, we encourage all of our boarders to take part in a wide range of after-school and evening activities and trips.

Boarders have access to the outstanding facilities in the evenings including the fitness suite, swimming pools, sports halls, music practice rooms and library, and the experienced boarding staff ensure there is a healthy balance of stimulating activities to keep the boarders entertained whilst having enough time to relax.

There are plenty of opportunities for older boarders to socialise and integrate at the termly boarders’ discos, end-of-year proms and cultural events organised throughout the year and many of these events are student-led.

Boarders’ trips take place at weekends and occasionally during the week. The trips are an ideal opportunity for the boarding community to come together, have fun, visit some of the best attractions in the South West and beyond, whilst also fully immersing themselves in British culture.

The weekend trips are hugely varied and include surfing, paintballing, mountain biking, trips to watch professional sports games, shopping and dining in Bristol, pottery painting, Christmas markets in Bath, go karting, trampoline parks, theme parks, escape rooms, Harry Potter Studios, the Eden Project, residential trips to London to see the sights, a show and to do some shopping, and many more. There is also an annual ski trip which takes place during the school holidays and the opportunity to get involved in trips to Europe.