Senior Future Business Leaders

This course provides an ideal introduction to Business, Finance and Economics. Students manage their own stocks and shares portfolio, study global trade and the changing pattern of international commerce, finance and investment, logistics and marketing. Students also receive an introduction to economic theory.

The course includes a visit to a local manufacturer to see how a business operates, how it is structured and the systems needed to run it. Students also attend lectures by local business leaders who share their experience in different economic sectors.

As well as theory, students benefit from team building and leadership activities to give them a better understanding of their own strengths and to understand the importance of different roles and skills sets within organisations.

Students undertake a number of business case studies and are expected to complete an individual or group business project during the course.

This is an ideal course for students who want a practical as well as theoretical introduction to business, finance and economics.

Please enjoy this video about the Senior Courses at Taunton School’s Summer School