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International Baccalaureate

In 2021, of all the 26 students who passed their Diploma, seven scored 40 or more points including one student achieving the maximum 45 points. The average points score per candidate of 36.4 was well in excess of the world average of 33 and was the highest achieved in the 14 years of running the IB Diploma at Taunton School.

We have been offering the IB Diploma since becoming an IB World School in 2007. During that time over 300 students have obtained the diploma and its popularity continues to grow not just with students, but also with universities and employers.

Taunton School offers IB Scholarships up to 100%. This is made possible thanks to philanthropist Ian Evans Lombe. Please visit our Admissions pages for an application form or click here.

The IB course, although challenging, appeals to the all rounder who is academically strong in all subjects, allowing them to study a broad range of subjects in the Sixth Form. It will also appeal to those who are clear about their three or four main subjects, but recognise the value of continuing with mathematics and a foreign language.

Whilst providing a challenging programme for the very able, it is not just for the high achievers – any student with reasonable GCSE (or equivalent) grades who is well-motivated and prepared to work hard will succeed. The IB Diploma programme is Global by its very nature and provides an international education for students looking to widen their outlook.

The IB Diploma course consists of nine elements: six academic subjects and three core components called the Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and a self-development course called Creativity, Activity and Service. The IB Diploma student chooses three subjects at higher level and three at standard level. The subjects are divided into six groups. These include a literature course, a second language, a humanity, a science and mathematics (at a level appropriate to the student). You can view the six groups below and read more about each subject.

These include English Literature and Language, Mathematics, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Latin, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Geography, History, Design Technology, Visual Arts, Music, Philosophy, Psychology, and even learning Spanish or Italian from beginner level.

The Theory of Knowledge encourages a questioning approach to knowledge and to develop critical thinking. The extended essay is a personal project that allows in depth study of a subject of particular interest. Completing the package, the ‘Creativity, Activity and Service’ (CAS) programme encourages students to participate in, and reflect on a wide variety of co-curricular activities that aid personal development beyond the academic.

IB students do consistently well at Taunton School, achieving high scores equivalent to 5 A Levels and often obtaining places at their first-choice university, whether it’s in the UK, Europe or America.

IB Subjects

Group 1 - Language A

Language A

For native speakers or reasonable fluent bilingual students.

English AItalian AGerman A

Group 2 - Language B

Language B (SL)

For students who are keen to build on previous language studies.

Language B (HL)

For competent linguists who are looking for the next challenge.

English BFrench BGerman B
Spanish BLatin

Language AB Initio (SL only)

For students wishing to learn a new language from scratch.

Italian AB Spanish AB

Group 5 - Mathematics

Group 6 - Arts

Theory of Knowledge