Pupils in pre-prep classroom
Pre-Prep (Aged 4-7)

Welcome to Pre-Prep

A warm welcome to Taunton School

At Taunton School Pre-Prep, we are renowned for our excellence in Early Years Education.

Like you, we want the very best for your child. I feel truly fortunate to lead a school where every pupil can feel secure and happy, learning and thriving in an education which is filled with adventure, exploration and discovery. The warmth of our school community and the priority placed on both student wellbeing and everyone achieving their potential makes this a special place to learn and grow. Here our primary aim is to nurture a lifelong love of learning in every pupil. Our children benefit from a vibrant learning environment, where through every doorway there are exciting opportunities to develop their talents, strengths and interests, ensuring they are successful, whilst having fun. We value every child as an individual and look forward to guiding them along their educational journey, providing a personalised approach to learning, whilst giving them the freedom and confidence to think for themselves and develop their passions. I hope this prospectus, as well as our website, will give you a sense of our wonderful school and how our children flourish but I would be delighted to welcome you to see for yourself.

Becky Lewis
Head of TPPS

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