Senior Academic

With easy access to the internet, the acquisition of knowledge is less important than it used to be and the ability to evaluate, adapt and apply knowledge in a variety of different contexts has become more important.

Students on our academic program study four academic themes; two each week.  The content changes on each Summer School so that students studying for 4 or 6 weeks do not repeat lessons.

Scientific Enquiry Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science and Physics
Application of Mathematics Engineering, Business and Finance, ICT and Computing, Statistics
Creativity and the Arts Art, Drama, Music, Media and Film
People and Place Geography, History, Psychology, Sociology

Within each theme students are taught how to research, organise, evaluate, synthesise and apply knowledge to different situations. It is an ideal course for students who want to develop their study and critical thinking skills and to become confident, independent learners. Students are encouraged to think creatively, take risks and draw on their own experiences and the experiences of others.

Students have the opportunity to work individually or as part of a team and to present their work in the form of reports, essays and presentations. Students benefit from discussion, debate and collaborative working.

Students who aspire to achieve the highest academic grades need the ability to select and apply their knowledge to a wide range of different situations. Students are increasingly asked to evaluate, argue, form opinion, justify and propose solutions rather than merely remember facts. As adults they will need to transfer their knowledge and skills to the world of work or be able to articulate their views and ideas as they take up their role in society. Our Senior Academic course is designed to fully develop these skills.

Please enjoy this video about the Senior Courses at Taunton School’s Summer School