Taunton School Nursery Student and Teacher

Nursery Pastoral and Wellbeing

Taunton School Nursery reading a book

At the heart of all that we do at Taunton Pre-Prep School is the firm understanding that we are providing the foundations for each child to start the beginning of their academic journey through school.  Children flourish, dream and achieve only when they feel safe, loved, respected, encouraged and cared for.

Our culture nurtures each child individually as soon as they enter the Nursery.  Working closely with the family to ensure that we as professionals understand the background, this ultimately enables us to build strong and meaningful bonds with the children.  These relationships endeavour to inspire, nurture and challenge the children whilst they are in our care.  We hope, that by giving the children these firm foundations and strong roots, they will go on to progress and take any opportunities they are given, and ultimately fly in whatever they excel at.

Children in the Nursery form close bonds with their key person, room staff and peers.  Key staff under the guidance of the Room Leaders monitor the progress, development and wellbeing of every child in their care, so that each individual feels they can be open and share what they want to talk about with the adults they feel close to.  If the key person feels that there is the need for further support for a child, this can be found through access to the school’s Educational Progress department, which includes access to a Speech and Language therapist.

Underpinning everything we do with the children is our firm pastoral care, and our commitment to the children’s safety and wellbeing.  This forms the foundation of support provided by a safeguarding team across the whole school who follow clear procedures.  This team is also assisted by an extensive, knowledgeable and proactive Medical Centre, with a team of professionals supporting both the children in nursery and school and the staff on site.