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Discover our extensive programme of co-curricular activities  

Through our extensive co-curricular programme our students explore opportunities in sport, the arts and a choice of activities which develop key life skills and characteristics such as leadership, teamwork and reflection.

We have a high expectation of our students outside of the classroom, whereby they are encouraged to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. Our aim is that students should become well-rounded individuals, and the key to this is participation in co-curricular activities. There are a large number of interesting, diverse and challenging activities happening at all times around the school for the students to immerse themselves in. We are encouraging excellence whilst promoting participation.

Taunton School has a termly programme of activities – The Horizons Programme – which was set up to enable and encourage all students to participate in and take ownership of broadening their own horizons beyond that of the academic syllabus.  

As we move further into the twenty-first century, the skills acquired through activities such as academic enrichment, art, CCF and outdoor education, dance, debating, drama, music and sport become increasingly valuable in a global world. An ability to work in a team as well as being able to work independently becomes ever more important, likewise with the opportunities for leadership and accountability that come with the many student societies within the programme. 

Taunton students are resilient, imaginative and understand the importance of service to others along with generosity of spirit.

Further information on many of these activities may be found by talking to the tutor, or the students and staff involved with running the activity or club.