International Middle School (Ages 8-14)

Taunton School International Middle School is the newest addition to the Taunton School family and was established in 2012 to provide the crucial stepping stone into the British education system for younger international students. We offer tailored support to our international students which includes an intensive education in English, specialised teachers, individual care and support and fantastic facilities. . Our transfer rate is outstanding – 90% of last years students transferred into a British boarding school (the remaining 10% stayed with us for a second year).

International School (Ages 14-18)

We have been welcoming international students to Taunton School International since 1996 and offer multiple pathways to University. Find out more our hugely successful academic courses including our 1-year GCSE, Pre-Foundation and Foundation Programmes. Our unique offerings and family friendly ethos set us apart from many other UK boarding schools. We are an inclusive, friendly, progressive and successful school where all students are afforded an outstanding education.

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To find out more about our International Middle School (students aged 8-14) and our International School (students aged 14-18) fill in the form below. Please let us know if you would like a copy of our prospectus, to schedule a tour or if you have any questions about joining Taunton School as an international student.


When you join Taunton School International, you instantly become part of a very warm, caring and supportive community.  Not only will you will make friends with students from all over the world but you will also integrate with the British students at the School in a variety of ways, whether this be through sport, music, having meals together, lectures, activities, social events, trips or inter-house competitions.  International students bring a wealth of attributes to our community and we are passionate about working together to promote tolerance, respect and understanding across all faiths and beliefs.

In a rapidly changing world, where business and commerce transcend national boundaries, we are proud of our global outlook. As an IB School, we prepare young people for life in the 21st Century, through our teaching methodologies, use of cutting edge technology and international expeditions and experiences.

Welcome from the Principal


At Taunton School International we provide a safe, happy and respectful environment in which we nurture, challenge and inspire young people of diverse nationalities to achieve their full potential. With all of our students away from home and their family and friends, we know how important it is to provide the very best in pastoral care. Academically, we offer a wide curriculum, with over 20 subjects to choose from as well as offering multiple pathways to University.

Adrian Hallworth, Principal of Taunton School International and Taunton School International Middle School

Taunton School International Middle School Termly Fees:

Year 9 – 10 £12,185
Year 7 – 8 £10,520
Year 5 – 6 £8,860
Year 4 £7,200


Taunton School International Termly Fees: