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Every student with a parent who lives overseas must have an adult guardian in the UK who is responsible for them during their studies at Taunton School and it is the parents’ responsibility to find a suitable guardian for their child.

The guardian will:

  • Provide 24 hour contact for parents, students and the school in case of emergency
  • Liaise with the school and parents to make the necessary travel and accommodation arrangements during school holidays.
  • Ensure students under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult to and from their place of departure
  • Be available to attend school functions and meet staff to discuss student’s progress
  • Communicate routinely with the school regarding the welfare of the student

Important information about the guardian role

A guardian could be a relative, friend of the family or a guardian agency and must be a minimum of 25 years old and not in full time education.

It is essential that guardians are nominated before starting to study at Taunton School, and that we are advised of the name and contact details of the guardian prior to the start of term.

Please note, all arrangements for the beginning of term, end of term and half terms should be made between the guardian and the student concerned.

Taunton School should be kept informed of arrangements using forms provided to parents/guardians at the beginning of the academic year. You can also view the form here.

If you have any questions about guardianship, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you.

To find out more about the on-site guardian agency please view our Guardians UK booklet.

You can also view a list of other Guardianship agencies here.