Junior STEM

With 4 billion people using the internet every day, over 550 new websites created every minute and the sale of robots increasing by 30% each year, it is not surprising that so many young people are interested in STEM subjects.

On this course, our junior students are introduced to the world of computer programming and robotics.

Students use programming software to run virtual homes, roller coasters and fairground rides, car and house alarms, traffic management systems and automated production lines. This is a fantastic opportunity to develop an understanding of computer logic and the sequencing of programming instructions. Electronic mimics allow students to test and develop their programming skills.  For the more experienced students, it is possible to advance to computer games design using Scratch or Python. 

Our students will design, make and programme Lego Mindstorms© robots combining a wide range of components with motors, sensors and servos. This is a great course for young students interested in technology who want to combine programming with working models that allow them to be creative, experimental and develop their naturally enquiring minds.

Please enjoy this video about the Junior Courses at Taunton School’s Summer School