Careers & 18+ Choices

Overseeing careers and university advice for the whole school throughout the year, our Careers Department really comes into its own for Senior pupils, whether it’s providing guidance and advice for higher education or the many career paths available. They work with individual students to lead them through the application processes for their chosen post sixth form pathway, using online platforms such as Unifrog from Year 11 onwards. The Careers Department offers a bespoke service that is tailored to the unique educational and career needs of our pupils, whilst recognising and playing to their strengths and interests.

The Careers Department also support younger students in recognising their talents, addressing areas for development and setting goals, whilst building their profile of transferrable skills to ensure a seamless transition to their post-16 pathway. In Year 11 students are offered the opportunity to use the online platform Unifrog and take the objective psychometric assessments, helping them identify their strengths.  The Department helps students challenge their vision of the world of work, introducing them to the evolving landscape of jobs in the future.

Through a combined programme of Enrichment talks, large careers fairs, visiting professionals and educational trips our Careers Team provides exceptional support, advice and guidance to ensure pupils have all the information they require to make an informed choice about their future. The Department works closely with Tutors and House staff to nurture students through the process of their individual application.

Whether students are interested in pursuing further education in the UK, Europe or the US or keen to move into employment, we offer college fairs and university visits, open days and careers events, enabling them to make contacts with selected representatives who can give them tailored advice from their personal and professional experience.  These events offer our students truly inspirational careers advice from those already succeeding at it.

For those students who are interested in apprenticeships, they have a number of links with alumni pupils involved with Degree Apprenticeships, offering exceptional guidance across the rigorous application processes.  They run the Apprenticeship Information Evening (last year’s speaker represented BAE Systems) and ongoing talks and presentations from several Big 5 accounting firms, including KPMG and PwC.

The Careers Department’s excellent resources work alongside Unifrog and their in depth programme of Enrichment talks taking pupils from Prep School into Year 9 through to Year 13, and across TSIMS and TSI, ensuring each student has every opportunity possible to explore the vast options available before deciding their future pathway.