Our Vision

We aim to challenge, inspire and nurture young people to succeed in a global community.

The wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of everything we do and all decisions must be of direct benefit to them.

We are focused on ensuring that we prepare young people for their lives beyond school and in a world that changes rapidly. Throughout their lives, our children will work closely with people from across the globe and must adapt to a world of ever-changing technology.

As an IB World School, we are innovative, forward-thinking, global in outlook and down to earth in approach. We are one school but each part is unique in character. We recognise that a balanced education is vital in developing the whole person.

Our shared vision is based on five pillars: Academic, Pastoral, Co-Curricular, Global Outlook and Community. The pillars are securely established on a solid foundation of finance, resources and leadership.

Values and Ethos

We aim to achieve excellence in all that we do. More specifically:

Academic – WE INSPIRE

Outstanding teachers instil a desire to learn and provide an environment that will add value and maximise every pupil’s academic achievement. We aim to develop lifelong learners with inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge.

Pastoral – WE NURTURE

We know every child. Our pupils feel comfortable in their own skins and are cared for by experienced professionals working in partnership with parents. They are supported on their journey to becoming respectful, open-minded, confident and principled adults through an outstanding wellbeing programme and advice from experts at the right times.

Co-Curricular – WE CHALLENGE

Through an extensive co-curricular programme our pupils explore opportunities in sport, the arts and a choice of activities developing key life skills and characteristics such as leadership, teamwork and reflection.

Community – WE CARE

We instil a strong sense of identity, service to the broad community and loyalty both at school and beyond. All members of the school community share in its values and contribute to its ethos.

Global Outlook – WE RESPECT

We are an inclusive school and welcome students from all backgrounds. We celebrate differences and embrace uniqueness. Our community values the opinions of others, is collaborative and plays its part in spreading tolerance and understanding, thus making the world a better and more peaceful place.