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Principles & Values

Our Vision

We aim to challenge, inspire and nurture young people to succeed in a global community.

Taunton School Vision - co-curricular, pastoral, academic, community, global outlook, finance and resources, leadership

The wellbeing of our pupils is at the heart of everything we do and all decisions must be of direct benefit to them.

We are focused on ensuring that we prepare young people for their lives beyond school and in a world that changes rapidly. Throughout their lives, our children will work closely with people from across the globe and must adapt to a world of ever-changing technology.

As an IB World School, we are innovative, forward thinking, global in outlook and down to earth in approach. We are one school but each part is unique in character. We recognise that a balanced education is vital in developing the whole person.

Our shared vision is based on five pillars: Academic, Pastoral, Co-Curricular, Global Outlook and Community. The pillars are securely established on a solid foundation of finance, resources and leadership.

Values and Ethos

We aim to achieve excellence in all that we do. More specifically:


Outstanding teachers instil a desire to learn and provide an environment that will add value and maximise every pupil’s academic achievement. We aim to develop lifelong learners with inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge.

A supportive, expert team of teachers is available to identify and provide the relevant assistance to meet pupils’ individual educational needs and ensure their full potential is met across the curriculum. The focus is on developing learning strategies, study skills, revision and examination techniques and building confidence, self-esteem and improving grades.


We know every child. Our pupils feel comfortable in their own skins and are cared for by experienced professionals working in partnership with parents. They are supported on their journey to becoming respectful, open-minded, confident and principled adults through an outstanding wellbeing programme and advice from experts at the right times.

The wellbeing of your child is at the heart of everything the school endeavours to achieve. Our aim is to know every child and, to facilitate this, we also aim to forge close relations with every parent. Working in concert helps foster your child’s growth and development, enabling them to feel comfortable both in themselves and as part of a new and wider family. We are proud of all aspects of our community, but most notably we value the friendly and respectful atmosphere that cherishes every person. It is this, above all else, that makes Taunton School very special, and we hope that you, as parents, feel very much a part of this.

We are very proud of our pastoral care, our sense of community, and our inclusive ethos.


Through our extensive co-curricular programme our students explore opportunities in sport, the arts and a choice of activities which develop key life skills and characteristics such as leadership, teamwork and reflection.

We have a high expectation of our students outside of the classroom, whereby they are encouraged to participate in a wide range of co-curricular activities. Our aim is that students should become well-rounded individuals, and the key to this is participation in co-curricular activities. There are a large number of interesting, diverse and challenging activities happening at all times around the school for the students to immerse themselves in. We are encouraging excellence whilst promoting participation.

As we move further into the twenty-first century, the skills acquired through activities such as academic enrichment, art, CCF and outdoor education, dance, debating, drama, music and sport become increasingly valuable in a global world. An ability to work in a team as well as being able to work independently becomes ever more important, likewise with the opportunities for leadership and accountability that come with the many student societies within the programme.

Taunton students are resilient, imaginative and understand the importance of service to others along with generosity of spirit.


Volunteering is a key component of the global outlook learner profile; our students are caring and naturally choose to use their free time to give to others.  To give you a flavour of some of the projects students are involved in: craft activities with Year 4 at North Town Primary School, native speakers providing 1:1 speaking and writing support in Mandarin, German and Spanish at Castle School. Clearing away small shrubs and trees on the Quantock Hills. Students visiting The Firs nursing home to chat and entertain their residents. Helping out with a group of disabled people at wheelchair basketball. Community clean-up is a band of students picking litter in the locality. Not all the volunteering is outside school, students have also supported– tennis coaching with prep school students, prep support with years 7&8 and playing games with the TSIMS students.

Charity through raising and giving (RaG) is close to our heart; each year we support a local and international charity amongst many other good causes. We host many events throughout the year to raise money; highlights include House music video and gunge the teachers.

Our Enrichment programme enables our students to listen to inspiring speakers, to debate, to learn about the world they live in but most importantly to be reflective.

Global Outlook

At Taunton School we embrace the Global whilst cherishing the local and in so our students are better prepared for a rapidly changing world in the 21st Century. A strong focus on the Global Outlook Pillar has enabled the development of a Global Outlook Learner Profile; within our curriculum we have the opportunity to highlight and formalise where our students are demonstrating the core value of open-mindedness as well as other important values such as being knowledgeable, caring, principled and reflective about the world in which they live. A further way to diversify the academic experience of our students has been to offer an internationally-minded ‘Global Perspectives’ Cambridge IGCSE which tackles topics such as Human Rights, Disease and Health and Tradition, Culture and Identity.

Global Outlook also manifests itself in our strong student voice which resonates through such channels as student led groups (Amnesty International/MUN/The Culture Club/The Diversity and Equality Group/The Green Club to name but a few) as well as through our Global Outlook Programme specifically developed for our scholars, for our debaters and for Head’s Assemblies and Chapel services.