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The Health Centre

At the Health Centre we endeavour to identify and respond to the health needs of all Taunton School pupils from nursery-age into the Sixth Form.  We offer a holistic provision to support physical, emotional and social needs via a 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week service.  Our committed and highly skilled team consists of a range of professionals, including eight qualified nurses, a health care assistant, three matrons, two mental health nurses, a chartered physiotherapist and a qualified counsellor.  The team is overseen by Julia Maclean-Smith, an experienced nurse who works in partnership with our school doctors who run a GP clinic 4 days a week.

Located in the heart of the school, the Health Centre is fully accessible to all students and each day is a hive of activity. We also support staff employed by the school by advising on their health and wellbeing when needed. We aim to deliver the best care and service to all by signposting them to relevant services or getting support from the pastoral team. We pride ourselves on a multidisciplinary mental health team that aims to provide support and early interventions for our pupils.

Some responsibilities of our experienced nurses include: caring for unwell and injured pupils, supporting children with chronic illnesses, health screening, administering medication and vaccinations. We also work closely with the teaching staff to deliver elements of the PSHEE education and we work very closely with safeguarding and pastoral leads to deliver solution based approaches for pupils. As a team we strive to encourage and support pupils to thrive in a way that is autonomous and empowering and will ultimately allow them to become resilient, capable children who can succeed in a global community.