two small children kneading dough in cooking class

Junior Cookery

Our new and exciting Junior Cookery course provides our younger students with three hours of English and two hours of practical cookery each day, using the excellent kitchen facilities at Taunton Preparatory School.

Students not only learn how to cook delicious, healthy food and significantly improve their culinary skills, they also learn about world cuisine and where our food comes from, the seasonality of food, its nutritional value and the importance of a balanced diet.

Throughout the two-week course, students will be introduced to a wide food vocabulary and learn how to budget, shop and prepare for their wonderful cookery experience.

Students will learn a huge number of culinary skills, techniques and methods and every day will see them creating colourful, imaginative and tasty dishes from raw ingredients.  And for those with a competitive edge, there is the chance to win the much coveted ‘Chef of the Week’ contest!

By the end of the course, we expect all of our young chefs to have gained enough knowledge, experience and confidence, so that when they return home, they will be able to continue their love of cooking by preparing meals in the family home.