Prep (Aged 7-13)

Welcome to the Prep School

I have a wonderful job and feel honoured and privileged to lead this lovely school. What makes it special, above all, is the warmth of the atmosphere and the strength of the relationships between the staff and pupils and between the pupils themselves. The staff and I know that there is nothing more important than working in partnership with like-minded parents, to develop in our children the attitudes and values which will make such a positive difference to their futures.

If you have come to this website as a prospective parent, you will, I am sure, after just a few minutes of browsing, gain a very good insight into the life and work of our school. Above all, I hope that you will quickly understand how we combine excellent academic progress for all of our pupils with a tremendous range of opportunities outside of the classroom.

Although the website will give you a very good flavour, nothing can be a true substitute for a personalised tour (either on site or over the internet) and I would welcome the chance to show you around. As well as seeing many prospective parents such as you, we have been visited recently by The Good Schools Guide and by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. After several days of close scrutiny, both of these external authorities published glowing reports which provide expert, objective and trustworthy evidence of the outstanding achievements of our pupils and staff. These reports have been summarised for you here.

Booking a personalised tour can be done very easily by clicking here and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Andrew Edwards

Headmaster of Taunton Prep School


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