Taunton School Prep Girls Laughing


The school enjoys a reputation for excellence in many fields and we have pupils reaching extraordinarily high levels of expertise in a wide range of academic and co-curricular pursuits. At the heart of all that we do, however, is the strong belief that children will achieve their best when they are happy.

Our pupils understand that if they are ambitious, if they try their hardest and if they show kindness and respect, then there is no more that can be asked of them. This means that they relax and smile! 

It is a whole school aim that we inspire, challenge and nurture young people to succeed in a global community. Our pupils are inspired by doing things which they enjoy and because we foster their natural love of learning. They take the initiative and embrace the challenges which stretch out before them and they are confident in the nurture and support which they receive.

Our community is one big relaxed, friendly family, in which we look out for each other and grow as individuals. As our pupils move up through the Prep and Senior Schools, they all benefit mutually from a gradually increasing internationalism which will help equip them for the global society of tomorrow.

Our children know that all areas of learning and personal development are of equal importance and are inter-connected. We look to find the talents inside each individual and joyfully observe how success in one area leads to progress in another. 

Towards the top of the Prep School, the challenge increases accordingly. It may be trying something new, or it may be setting even more ambitious goals within an established interest. All of our Year 8 pupils take on responsibility and leadership in one way or another and experience the deep fulfilment which comes from giving back and making a valued contribution.

Taunton School The Prep School Way