Three teenage girls in boarding accommodation at taunton school

Junior Boarding and Pastoral Care

Students reside in one of our two comfortable boarding houses (Thone or The Grange) in bedrooms of between three to six students. Wherever possible, we make sure they share with students of a different first language. This helps our students to speak English at all times, and is one of the reasons why progress in the English language is so noticeable.

Our summer courses are neither too big nor too small, which means we are able to maintain that all important personal and individual contact. We provide the highest levels of care and attention to every member of our community to make sure their time at Taunton School is safe, secure, remarkable and memorable.

Experienced House Parents and boarding staff provide a family atmosphere and with our low student-staff ratio, we ensure there is always someone available to support and lend a helping hand if needed.

If students are feeling unwell, we have a matron available to look after them as well as nurses and doctors on call, should the need arise. There is also a hospital less than 10 minutes away.

Taunton School quickly becomes a home from home for our students and no matter how far they have travelled, they soon feel comfortable, confident and secure with their new ‘family’ and friends.

People enjoy this video displaying A day in the life of juniors at Taunton International School’s Summer School.

I met friends from all over the world including some from Spain, Russia and Mauritius and I’m especially good friends with some girls from China. I’ve really loved being with lots of different nationalities.

Azzura from Italy. Attended Summer School in 2017, and then attended Taunton School International Middle School (TSIMS).