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Horizons Programme

The Horizons Programme aims to inspire all students to engage in and take ownership of their own educational experience through a genuine commitment to a range of artistic, cultural, intellectual and sporting opportunities.

This diverse and dynamic programme of co-curricular activities seeks to meet the interests of all students. We are passionate about ensuring that all students feel valued, fulfilled and challenged, and that they each can develop an identity that they are proud of and confident in. With well-being at the core of the Horizons Programme, we hope that all students will find a place where they feel a genuine sense of belonging, where they can connect with like-minded peers, explore and discover new interests, engage with their passions, whilst aspiring to and achieving excellence. The programme also contains an abundance of opportunities that supports our students in their development of the core competencies, skills and attitudes that will enable them to confidently embrace, influence and impact positively on a rapidly changing global stage.

All students should aim to sign up to at least three activities across a range of co-curricular areas, committing to these for the term. We very much hope that students will continue to develop their interests over a longer period, but would also encourage them to continue to try something new! A dynamic and constantly evolving platform of co-curricular opportunities, the Horizons Programme intends to reflect the needs and interests of our students, utilising the expertise of our outstanding staff and student leaders so to deliver a relevant, holistic and authentic educational programme in which all students can flourish.

The Summer Term 2024 programme can be read or downloaded here: