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The Monasteries are Closed

Posted: 29th November 2016

Year 8 have been looking at the reasons why Henry VIII decided to dissolve (close) the monasteries and religious houses, and the huge impact this had on life in England. These closures resulted in the largest change of land ownership since the Norman Conquest and affected everyone in England to a greater or lesser extent. It was one of the most revolutionary events in British history.

Officials working for the king’s chief minister, Thomas Cromwell, would visit religious houses and question the monks and nuns, trying to find evidence that they were breaking their rules. The pupils played the roles of monks and nuns or the officials and role played one of these visits. It was an opportunity to work collaboratively and independently, and to demonstrate empathy – all key PSB skills.

They rose to the challenge admirably and were vociferous in their defence of their “homes”. The costumes were also excellent!

Joanna Hall-Tomkin, Head of History

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